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Trump rips Republicans who defied him, threatens to.

Nov 07, 2018 · In the final days of the midterm election, Trump crisscrossed the country stumping for the GOP. He said one of the reasons Republican seats flipped to Democrats was that he could not campaign. Sep 30, 2019 · — Donald J. Trump @realDonaldTrump November 4, 2019 “There is no Whistleblower,” Trump tweeted, quoting thrice-failed GOP congressional candidate turned Trump-supporting pundit Dan Bongino, who also appeared to be threatening House and Senate Republicans. “There is no Whistleblower. There is someone with an agenda against Donald Trump. Trump Threatens Years-Long Shutdown for His Wall as GOP Support Begins to Fracture Meanwhile, Pence called about a half-dozen House Republicans late.

Oct 12, 2016 · The nightmare possibility for the party is that swing voters punish the party because of Mr. Trump, the anti-Trump Republicans stay at home and Mr. Trump’s base casts a ballot for him and then. Oct 11, 2016 · High ranking Republicans are jumping off the Trump train, and Donald isn’t having it. Cenk Uygur, host of The Young Turks, breaks it down. Tell us what you think in the comment section below.

Speaker Paul Ryan and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell desperately need Trump to help them sell Republicans on a debt ceiling hike by the end of September — a toxic vote for conservatives. Aug 02, 2017 · Trump Threatens Congress' Health Care; Senate Republicans Don't Seem Too Worried President Trump tweeted that he would undo federal subsidies for congressional health care if the Senate didn't. Apr 17, 2016 · The Donald Trump campaign this weekend continued its assault on the Republican National Committee and the party’s nominating process,. Apr 12, 2011 · Trump is a spoiler to the GOP so Hillary will win. He’s corrupt for the Clintons – put down Obama, put down GOP candidates in the primary, then run as an Independent to steal votes from the GOP candidate in the general election – Hillary becomes a shoe-in. Nov 26, 2019 · Trump Threatens Republicans! WASHINGTON The Borowitz Report —Delivering an ominous threat to members of his own party, Donald J. Trump warned congressional Republicans on Monday that if they vote for impeachment he would come to their states and campaign for their reëlection.

Donald Trump Threatens Republicans - YouTube.

Nov 05, 2019 · Trump threatens to expose information about Alexander Vindman “real soon”. Trump on Sunday said that Republicans should release their. And Republicans fear voters more than they fear Trump’s effect on voters. As Meadows said, “If this was about the president, I would have changed a long time ago.” Here’s the truth: the easiest play for Trump would have been a clean repeal of Obamacare, and then a piecemeal plan for fixes. That’s what Republicans pledged for years. Trump threatens to 'reciprocate' travel warnings to US over gun violence – as it happened Uruguay, Venezuela, and Japan issued advisories following multiple mass shootings in the US last weekend. Dec 21, 2018 · “President Trump’s near-simultaneous decisions this week to force a government shutdown over his demand to fund a border wall and withdraw American troops from Syria and Afghanistan have imperiled the fragile Republican coalition, exacerbating the party’s fears about what may become of his presidency — and its own electoral prospects in 2020,” the New York Times reports.

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